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In partnership with the British Library,  ideas 21 holds monthly advice sessions to support today's inventors.   Appointments can be booked for expert advice on:

Design & Prototyping - All successful products  have been  developed  via  a  systematic  product  design and development process. This process ensures that the product  solves  the right problems, appeals to a proven market, sells for the right price and performs as expected every time. This session will explain the process and  highlight what elements of the process are relevant to your project.

Protecting your idea -Intellectual Property
- It is important that individuals and small businesses developing innovative products can protect themselves from copyists and imitators.   Intellectual property rights, such as patents, trade marks and registered designs, can provide this protection.  This session provides advice on the intellectual property rights that will best protect your idea or business and how to obtain them.

LicensingIntellectual Property can be successfully commercialised through licensing.  A licence is a contractual agreement to specify what the licensee is permitted to do and the terms and conditions applying.  This will usually include any royalties and/or an amount of any payment to be paid to the licensor (the IP owner).  There are numerous pitfalls for the unwary to be found in the detailed operational rules that form part of many licence contracts.  This session will review what type of license will be suitable for commercialising your IP. 

If you need more than one area of expertise, we try to arrange for you to see  two advisors together.   Appointments are for 55 minutes and there is a £20 charge.  These are held at the British Library Business & IP Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB.

These advice sessions are to support today’s inventors.  Complete and submit the form below and a member of ideas21 will respond by email to confirm availability and a suitable time for your appointment.  We do receive numerous requests for these appointments and it can be a couple of days before you receive a response.    Please do check you spam box.