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Preparing to Manufacture New Products at Factory Scale with Von Sy


Making anything in small quantities is always manageable but when big quantities are required, we all know that it needs a bit more planning and organising.

The same complications apply in manufacturing products at factory scale – whether your product is for skin care, for eating, for clothing, or for playing.

Your product may always look, feel, smell or taste exactly the same when you prepare them in small quantities at home, in the lab, or in the pilot plant.

But there is no guarantee that your desired product qualities will be maintained when made at a factory scale.

If you want to have consistent product quality to ensure consumer satisfaction, then a lot of variables will have to be more tightly controlled in the factory.

A thorough study and understanding of what is called “scale up” rules is required in order to achieve the product quality that we have approved.

Learning these scale-up rules will ensure that you reach your product launch with less time and money wasted on fixing issues in the factory.

Here is an opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with an experienced professional who have launched new and innovative products for brands like Persil, Sure, and Vaseline from formulations developed in the laboratory to real products manufactured in different factories around the world.

Here are examples of what you will learn from the meeting:

How to set up product specifications to achieve the right product quality at factory scale

How to identify the critical parameters that will affect product quality

How to plan and mitigate risks during factory production

These meetings are suitable for entrepreneurs who are looking at building their own factories or working with third party manufacturers within 3-6 months. It will also apply to entrepreneurs who are already working with factories but are experiencing quality issues with their products.

The discussion will be held in a secure environment with a non-disclosure agreement provided in advance.  To find out more about Von Sy click here